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  Women's Health
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Women's Health

The female half of the human race has a lot to contend with. Hormone imbalances can cause problems from puberty, through PMS and infertility, into the pre-menopause and out again. Even then, things are not necessarily easier. Degenerative problems and osteoporosis can emerge once the partial protection of oestrogen has disappeared.

The present generation of women have problems that differ from those that afflicted their mothers and grandmothers. Physically, their lives may be eased by technology, but the areas of potential stresses are much wider, as they juggle family and career, often without the support of partner or extended family group.

It is now more important than ever that women allot time and energy to maintaining their own wellbeing. Women are catching up rapidly in the heart attack and stroke rankings - and who will look after them if they succumb?

Margaret Papoutsis has great empathy with the Post Modern Women. She is, after all, one such individual herself! In her therapeutic armoury she has a wide variety of complementary approaches that can help to smooth the physical and emotional path that women are travelling.

Whether the patient is a teenager with acne, a young woman with fertility problems or an older women wanting to protect her bones, there are always safe and effective alternatives:
  • Herbs
  • To balance hormones and reduce the effects of stress
  • Nutrition
  • To improve general wellbeing and help weight control
  • Osteopathy
  • To maintain youthful posture and flexibility
  • Exercise
  • To strengthen and stretch the body
  • Psych-Kô
  • To 'overwrite' negative thought patterns, improve self-esteem and cope with stress

For more information read the articles on Women's Health and Pregnancy and Fertility.

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The Margaret Papoutsis Practice
The Margaret Papoutsis Practice
The Margaret Papoutsis Practice
The Margaret Papoutsis Practice
The Margaret Papoutsis Practice
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