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  Cardiovascular Health
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Cardiovascular Health

Cardiovascular health is high on the agenda for many people - even the government is seriously concerned about the rapidly rising statistics of illness and death. Strokes, heart attacks and dementia are attacking ever younger individuals, and arterial disease is being found even in teenagers. Women, once considered low risk, are fast catching up with men.

Yet there is plenty of help available, particularly in the field of prevention, and much of this has only recently become available. Margaret Papoutsis has access to a wide range of diagnostic testing, and can offer personalised advice based upon the results. This is likely to be a combination of nutritional and lifestyle suggestions, possibly including exercise, and stress management with Psych-Kô. When appropriate, a referral back to your GP can be made if any significant problems are highlighted.

Prevention is always the best route to take. However, even for those who already have circulatory problems, a more holistic attitude can often improve wellbeing. Nutrition and carefully chosen supplementation can work effectively alongside orthodox medication. This approach may well reduce the side effects of some of the most widely prescribed drugs.

Important Note:
Without specialist advice, it is not advisable to take supplements alongside drugs, due to the possibility of inter-reactions. As a qualified Nutritional Therapist, Margaret Papoutsis will take into account any medication you are taking, and will recommend compatible supplementation. If appropriate she will inform your GP of any recommendations.

For further information see also Men's Health and the article on Cardiovascular Disease - Reducing the Risk.

Note: Persistent or unusual symptoms should always be discussed with your GP before embarking on a nutritional consultation


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