Margaret Papoutsis - Osteopath and Nutriotional Therapist   Margaret Papoutsis - Osteopath and Nutriotional Therapist

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Reiki Healing

After many years being considered merely as 'New Age' therapies, healing and bio-energetics are now being accepted as genuinely effective complementary treatments. They are even available under the NHS in some areas.

Margaret Papoutsis has been practising Usui Reiki since 1994. She has been a Reiki and Seichem Master for 10 years. Generally she integrates this gentle healing modality into her osteopathic treatment, but is happy to discuss more specific uses on request.

Reiki has been incorporated into a new and exclusive therapy - Intensive Head, Neck and Shoulder Therapy.


What is Reiki?

Reiki is a gentle healing technique, which has become a popular and effective 'balancing' treatment. It is a traditional Japanese therapy influencing the same subtle energetic pathways which are also targeted in acupuncture, shiatsu, tai-chi and yoga.


What does it involve?

Reiki is predominantly a hands-on therapy which can be applied to almost any area of the body, and in almost any position. There is usually a sensation of gentle, soothing heat, or sometimes a cooler vibrational feeling.


How is it useful?

The technique can be used as a general relaxing/energising treatment, as a pathway for emotional release, or as a tool to help increase the healing rate of a specific area or problem.


Are there any side-effects?

Slight post-treatment fatigue or light-headedness. Treated areas may occasionally feel more tender for a short while as the healing process occurs.



Severe mental disorders.


Dress Code

Fully-clothed for Reiki only. Otherwise according to other associated therapy.



1 hour 70.00
hour 54.00

We now can accept Debit and Credit Card payments.

Gift Vouchers are available on-line, should you wish to pay for the treatment of another person.


Photographs courtesy of istockphoto and Dreamstime.


The Margaret Papoutsis Practice
The Margaret Papoutsis Practice
The Margaret Papoutsis Practice
The Margaret Papoutsis Practice
The Margaret Papoutsis Practice
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