Margaret Papoutsis - Osteopath and Nutriotional Therapist   Margaret Papoutsis - Osteopath and Nutriotional Therapist

Osteopath & Nutritional Therapist

  Fertility, IVF and Pregnancy
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Fertility, IVF and Pregnancy

The journey from egg to fully-formed baby is long, and fraught with many potential obstacles.

In many ways, the most important time in a baby's life is the 4 months before it is conceived. This is the time required to develop an ovum or sperm from scratch. So if you are planning a pregnancy in the near future, consider the advisability of preconceptual care. Improving the health of both parents by optimal nutrition, detoxification and exercise have been proved to increase your chances of conception. Even if there is a problem requiring IVF treatment, the likelihood of success is more than doubled if you have both completed a preconceptual programme.

This time can be very stressful for couples, particularly if there is a delay in conception, or IVF is required - and it well known that stress alone can reduce the chances of pregnancy. In these cases Psych-Kô can be of great help, reducing stress levels and encouraging confidence and self-esteem.

(Margaret Papoutsis is a Foresight-trained, Preconceptual Care Practitioner.)


A great deal of research has indicated that optimal nutrition and safe supplementation can bring about significant improvements in health and intelligence of the baby. Mothers-to-be suffer fewer discomforts and health problems, and their recovery after birth is usually very rapid, if they have prepared themselves in this way.

To avoid many of the aches and pains of increasing girth and changing posture, we recommend gentle osteopathic treatment and regular Pilates exercise. Margaret has worked with many pregnant clients, and produces wonderful results in the post-partum reclamation of the mother's body! Women who have exercised all the way through their pregnancy suffer much less than normal from the physical and mental stresses of early motherhood.

The exhaustion that many new mothers experience in the first few months can often be relieved by massage or Reiki healing. Nutritional advice for both mother and baby can be invaluable.


The Margaret Papoutsis Practice
The Margaret Papoutsis Practice
The Margaret Papoutsis Practice
The Margaret Papoutsis Practice
The Margaret Papoutsis Practice
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