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  Eating Disorders
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Eating Disorders

(Anorexia nervosa, Bulimia nervosa, Binge Eating)

Eating disorders have reached epidemic proportions - it is estimated that 1 in 4 teenage girls between the age of 13 - 17 years may be afflicted to some degree. Whilst the origins of the problem are normally emotional/psychological, the inevitable malnutrition and consequent metabolic and hormonal imbalances can have very significant effects on mood and mental processes. This situation will severely hamper the sufferer's progress towards recovery, and reduce the effectiveness of psychological therapy.

Individual nutritional counselling can reduce the likelihood of long term damage, and often provide sufferers with acceptable high nutrient alternatives whilst they are adjusting their attitude to food.

Recent research has suggested that disordered eating can both cause, and be the effect of, imbalances in brain chemistry. It is now possible to obtain vital information via a simple urine test which can shed light on possible causes, and suggest appropriate therapy.

Once in the recovery phase it is essential to make up the nutritional deficits built up over months or years. Neglecting this important area will predispose sufferers to degenerative disorders, arthritis, osteoporosis and infertility.

This consideration is of equal significance to those who have suffered from eating disorders in the past.

Disordered eating of any type is likely to have emotional and/or subconscious influences, and Psych-Kô can be very helpful in this area. It facilitates the gentle reclaiming of control and balance within the life of the subject, and works well alongside conventional counselling.

Pilates-based exercise is the ideal way to reintroduce useful physical activity. It can gently encourage muscle strength without building bulk, and does not tax the stamina of the recovering body.

NB: All sufferers from eating disorders should obtain suitable counselling.

Margaret Papoutsis has many years experience of combating the disastrous effects of disordered eating, especially amongst dancers. She has completed several post-graduate courses with the National Centre for Eating Disorders, and is on the practitioner registry of Integrative Medicine for Mental Health. Margaret is happy to cooperate with medical and psychological professionals.


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