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A woman's health is enormously dependant upon the hormone balance in her body. Fortunately there are gentle alternative ways to influence levels of oestrogen, progesterone and thyroxine, for instance. When there are problems of 'un-health' as opposed to disease, it may be that nutrition and complementary therapies can offer safe and effective relief. Whether it is teenage acne, PMS, painful periods or menopausal imbalances, you might like to consider Nature's remedies first.


Behind the Scenes: Dancers and Pregnancy

Behind the Scenes: Dancers and Pregnancy

An article by Ysabelle Taylor - published by Dancing Times, July 2010

Despite women's battle for equality with men in many arenas of life during the twentieth century, it is only women who can carry a developing baby and give birth to it. This dilemma has long been a subject for debate, but recently there has been much interest in the ways in which professional dancers manage to combine motherhood with their careers. Both the recent Dance Umbrella debate 'Where are the Women?' and research into Pregnancy and Parenthood, undertaken by Vincent Dance Company and Dance UK, address the conflicts met by female dancers who inevitably need to take some time off from professional duties for childbirth, and then need to juggle childcare with an often haphazard work schedule and physically demanding occupation. ..

Female Hormone Imbalance  from PMS to Menopause

Female Hormone Imbalance from PMS to Menopause

Fortunately, the time has passed when women felt that discomfort and pain was just part of the price paid for being female.

Today's multi-tasking heroine cannot afford to lose valuable time from her busy life to PMS or hot flushes. Until recently, the Contraceptive Pill and HRT were the 'magic bullets' which enabled many women to evade the ravages and discomforts of hormone imbalance. The 'Pill' could regulate periods and fertility, reduce excessive blood loss and alleviate many cases of PMS. Later on in life, HRT promised (almost) eternal youth, improved zest for life and freedom from the scourge of the menopause. ..

Pregnancy and Pre-conceptual Care, and Fertility Enhancement

Pregnancy and Pre-conceptual Care, and Fertility Enhancement

Recently there has been a great deal of publicity focusing on the importance of diet in relation to children's intelligence and health. However, very little is said about the most important 4 months in a child's life the 4 months before conception! This is the period of time required for both sperm and egg to mature, and the quality of these is entirely dependent on the nutrition that each receives from their prospective parent. ..

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