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  Vitamin D
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Vitamin D articles

Vitamin D 'the sunshine vitamin' has long been associated with bone health. Initially it was recognised as the main player in the prevention of rickets in children, then subsequently the focus shifted to the role of Vitamin D in osteoporosis.

However, there are now innumerable research papers which have further expanded the functions of this most important of vitamins - protection from cancer, heart problems, autoimmune disorders, improvements in general immunity - the list goes on, and lengthens weekly.

This seemingly inexhaustible list is better understood when it is realised that Vitamin D is, in fact, a hormone, rather than a metabolic 'co-factor' like most other vitamins. As such it has the potential to have an effect on every cell in your body! Not so surprising that Vitamin D has so very many advantageous effects...


New Vitamin D Alert  Essential and Welcome, but a Test is Best!

New Vitamin D Alert Essential and Welcome, but a Test is Best!

The recent advice from the Government-backed commission on Vitamin D has been widely publicised, and rightly so. It is well documented that most people living in northern Europe are likely to be deficient, particularly in the winter. Vitamin D is designed to be produced in adequate amounts in the skin, on exposure to sunlight; but in these days of skin cancer awareness, very few of us are likely to sunbathe without UV protection. It is also difficult to obtain sufficient from the diet, even if you eat plenty of oily fish, egg yolks, liver and dairy products. ..

Vitamin D and Cancer

Vitamin D and Cancer

Top cancer doctor says you SHOULD have a sunbed session.

Professor Tim Oliver is a Medical Oncologist at Barts and the London Hospital. ..

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