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  Recent Thoughts on COVID-19
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Recent Thoughts on COVID-19
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Recent thoughts on COVID-19 that you may not have seen ...

There is interesting data from the Max Plank Institute (one of the most revered scientific institutions in the world today) which discusses why some countries may have been harder hit than others by COVID-19 virus. The Institute looked at deaths in previous years, during what is termed ‘respiratory seasons’ (i.e. during late winter time) and found that in those countries badly hit by COVID-19, the ‘all-cause mortality rate’ (or in layman’s terms, how many people died for whatever reason) was significantly lower than average in the previous years (2018 and 2019).

It has been suggested that perhaps the previous easier years for the numbers of deaths had resulted in a longer than normal ‘build-up’ of people susceptible to influenza-type infections i.e. elderly, and/or pre-existing health problems. As COVID-19 is known to attack the respiratory system in particular, it might be that the increased number of deaths in 2020 could be partly related to this unusual ‘seasonal history’ of fewer than normal deaths in previous years.


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