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  Prodimed Medical Diet
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The Prodimed Diet was developed as a medical diet based on the work of Professor Blackburn, at Harvard University, and was introduced into Europe during the nineties by Professor Apfelbaum. The dietary programme is available solely from qualified health professionals.

It is an evidence-based, low carbohydrate/higher protein approach which quickly promotes a metabolic switch from glucose-burning to fat-burning, resulting in rapid weight loss.

Clinical trials at the University of Leiden Medical Centre in Holland have shown Prodimed to be an exceptionally efficient method of losing fat, even for long term use. It has been used medically as a pre-diet before ‘gastric band’ surgery, and also as an alternative to surgery for severely obese patients. Prodimed is also suitable for many cases of Type 2 Diabetes (in co-operation with your GP).

The diet is instituted in stages:
1. The initial weight loss phases which are based around the use of vegetables and specialised protein products
2. Transitional stages which gradually re-introduce normal meals
3. Maintenance phases which involve education in long term weight management

Although the Prodimed diet was originally designed for long term use, it is also a safe and rapid way to lose just a few kilos for people who are only marginally overweight.

  • Rapid and sustained weight loss
  • Ease of application using a wide choices of tasty protein supplements in early stages
  • Convenient for busy lives
  • Increased energy and mood
  • No metabolic ‘yo-yo’ effect afterwards
  • Excellent blood sugar control
  • No hunger
  • Fully supervised by a qualified and registered Nutritional Therapist

  • Unsuitable for self-application and use in certain medical conditions and food intolerances
  • 2-3 days of 1st phase can involve fatigue and other mild symptoms
  • No deviations from diet allowed in 1st phase

PRODIMED products

Prodimed products come in many different flavours. This makes the diet easy to follow, particularly in the early stages. Think of cold and warm drinks, oats, soups, desserts, and main courses such as omelettes, mashed potato, and pancakes. Each meal is provided with a completely balanced amount of multivitamins and minerals, and needs only the daily addition of almost unlimited vegetables and 2 supplements.

Weekly consultation
Each customer receives a weekly check of both the weight and fat content of the body. In addition, the week’s progress and experiences are discussed and the diet will be adapted until you have reached your target weight.

Our suggestions for recipes enable you to handle the diet in a creative way. Besides this you will receive tips on how to maintain the diet even when you have a party or a dinner.

Nutritional Therapist
Margaret Papoutsis will support you throughout the diet and will help you and motivate you to reach a maximum result. She will also indicate when you can transfer to the next phase.

The Prodimed treatment programme consists of five different phases, in which you will first lose the necessary weight and then build up, step by step, towards a healthy and balanced nutrition pattern. This unique combination guarantees a long-term result!

Phase 1: Total Protein Diet
This is the first phase of your diet. Here we have to get rid of all your former eating habits and eliminate almost all your normal food intake. In this phase you take 4 to 6 pouches of the Prodimed protein diet daily.

Phase 2 : Moderate Protein Diet
This is the second phase of your diet. The evening pouch is replaced by one meal with lean meat, fowl, or fish.
This is also an appropriate starting phase for patients who have less to lose, or prefer a slower approach.

Phase 3: Strict Transition Diet
This is the third phase of your diet. Apart from the evening meal the breakfast is re-introduced. The pouches for the breakfast as well as the evening meal are replaced by a normal meal.

Phase 4: Mild Transition Diet
This is the fourth phase of your diet. From now on we are returning to two normal meals and a breakfast. The pouches for breakfast, lunch and dinner are replaced by normal meals.

Phase 5: Maintenance Phase
To retain your current weight you will try to find a balance between the intake of nutrients and your energy use in this phase.

You can find more information about losing weight with the protein diet by Prodimed at PRODIMED UK


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