Margaret Papoutsis - Osteopath and Nutriotional Therapist   Margaret Papoutsis - Osteopath and Nutriotional Therapist

Osteopath & Nutritional Therapist

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    Initial Consultation: £70.00 for 45 minutes
    Subsequent Consultations: £55.00 for 30 minutes
    Nutritional Therapy (Online Consultations Now Available)
    Initial Consultation: £70.00 for 60 minutes
    Subsequent Consultations: £70 for 60 minutes
    Initial Consultation and Subsequent Consultations: £70.00 for 60 minutes

Please note that all timings are approximate. Whether more or less time is required, the fee remains the same.

Payment Methods:
Cash, debit and credit cards. Please pay after each treatment session. We no longer accept cheques.

We can now accept Debit and Credit Card payments.

We do not generally run accounts. If an exception is made, the fees must be paid in full on receipt of the monthly invoice, otherwise the facility will be withdrawn, and a surcharge of £5 per month will be levied. Any unpaid student rate fee will revert to the standard fee after 1 month.

Student Fee Reductions:
A limited number of discretionary student reductions are available. To qualify, you will need to be a full-time undergraduate student at a recognised educational college in the UK, and you will need to provide evidence of your student status before you will be offered a reduction. This should be in the form of a signed letter from your college confirming your full-time status. Please note that you will need to send this evidence to us prior to your first appointment.

Private Medical Insurance:
Osteopathic Treatment is an accepted speciality for most private medical schemes, including Aviva, SimplyHealth, PruHealth and Norwich Union - but not BUPA, nor AXA PPP.

Nutritional Therapy is only claimable when it constitutes a bona fide part of a course of osteopathic treatment.

Please check your policy for conditions, cover levels and claim process before embarking on a course of treatment as retrospective claims are not normally accepted. Some policies require prior referral from your GP.

NOTE: We do not operate direct payment facilities with health care insurers. Once we have received payment for the treatment, a receipt will be issued which can then be sent to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Aviva Ref. No.: 600007585
PruHealth Ref. No.: PRU3562436
Norwich Union Ref. No.: 400007585

For Online and Telephone Consultations: please see individual therapies.

Photographs courtesy of istockphoto and Dreamstime.


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The Margaret Papoutsis Practice
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