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Most health problems have multiple origins. Even though a back problem appears at first sight to be a purely mechanical situation, it may well have been precipitated by long-term stress, which can cause physical weakening of the tissues. Bad nutrition can likewise predispose bones and muscles to injury, and lack of exercise may lead to significant degenerative changes.

In order to maximise the speed of recovery and maintain full function once healing has occurred, it can often be worthwhile considering a multi-disciplinary approach. The investment of time, energy (and self-discipline!) will be amply rewarded and may save a great deal of pain and expense in the long run. Remember that your osteopath derives much of her income from the patients who don't do their exercises or take their joint pills!

Margaret Papoutsis is very happy to discuss any relevant therapies which may be of help to you. As well as the areas in which she practises herself, she maintains a list of recommended practitioners of other complementary therapists.

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The Margaret Papoutsis Practice
The Margaret Papoutsis Practice
The Margaret Papoutsis Practice
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